Istifsaar 6th & 7th Issue


The sixth and seventh issue of Istifsaar is available now. We thank your love and support.
We know you all are eagerly waiting for the issue, this time we have decided to club the two issues together and here we are …
This issue consist of 160 pages , though we will maintain 112 pages per issue from next one.
As we stated last time we have started publishing the letters of appreciation and views from different parts , we have continued with that , but as you all are aware that we can’t publish all of them so we have picked up the letters randomly and no specific thought have prevailed while selection of the same.
This issue is divided into 09 sub parts including, Idariya, Yaad-e-RaftgaN, Nazr-e-saani, Ghazal ki wadi se, Afsana aur maiN,Un suni NazmeN, Jahan-e-Deegar, Khidki MeiN Khawab and Istifsaar Aap ki Nazar MeiN (new addition last time.)
We have dedicated “ Yaad-e- RaftgaN” in the name of an important poet and critic Bashar Nawaz and one of most impressive writer of Urdu pros Abdullah Hussein . Both of them have departed recently and this is a small tribute to their contribution. This portion consists of a beautifully crafted article of Bashar Nawaz on his contemporary poets and a small selection of his poetry. Ghulam Ibne Sultan has contributed a detailed article on the contribution and personality of Abdullah Hussein .
In Nazr-e-Saani all four articles which we have included, throw light on different aspects of literature. One article , which includes some translations also , is a gift to urdu readers as it brings the flavor of oriya poetry in it , in an another article Rafiullah Mian , tries to understand beautiful and important story in new dimension , Ilyas Shauqi and Nadeem Ahmed tries to value Abdul Ahed Saaz and Firaq in their perspective and in light of established views as well.
In Ghazal ki Wadi se and Un-Suni NazmeN , we have tried to include the work of noted poets but of different generations means age group.
In Afsana aur Main , we have included 4 stories , presenting the different shades .
In this issue also we have tried to present a mix n match of seniors and promising new voices. In total there are 87 entries ( including 18 letters) of 45 different poets, writers, critics from India, Pakistan, USA , Canada and Saudi Arabia .
In fourth issue we have start presenting the translation of “RITU SANHAAR” one of the finest work of great Sanskrit poet and writer Kalidas. The translation is done by Mohammed Ahmad Sahar. In this issue we pleased to present its third and fourth part.
Alongside this we have also included translations of two beautiful poems of English literature one each of Robert Frost and Tomas Moore , translation done by Prof. Manzar Abbas Naqvi
We are hopeful that like previous issues, this issue will also make inroad into the literary world and will be appreciated.
We thanks and appreciate the support of all the contributors, readers and entire literary fraternity.

6 thoughts on “Istifsaar 6th & 7th Issue

  1. برادرم عادل رضا منصوری کی ادارت میں شائع ہونے والا رسالہ “استفسار” صوری و معنوی اعتبار سے خاص اہمیت کا حامل ہے۔ تازہ شمارے میں کئی اہم مضامین اور افسانے شامل ہیں ۔ اس کے علاوہ نطمیں غزلیں بھی بے حد معیاری ہیں ۔ رفیع اللہ میاں کا مضمون شموئل احمد کے افسانے سنگھار دان پر اس لیے اہم ہے کہ انہوں نے افسانے کا مطالعہ جادوئی حقیقت نگاری کے پس منظر میں کیا ہے۔ میں برادرم عادل رضا منصوری کا ممنون ہوں کہ انہوں نے یہ دیدہ زیب بے حد معیاری رسالہ ارسال کیا۔

    abrar mojeeb

  2. An important literary magazine based on nice selection of contemporary writings.
    Congrats Aadil Raza Mansoori!

    Alam Khursheed

  3. Adil Aadil Raza Mansoori sir….
    استفسار کا تازہ شمارہ ملا… آپ کا شکریہ…. یہ ایک معیاری رسالہ ہے اور اس بات کا ثبوت رسالہ کے مشمولات سے ملتا ہے

    Naushad Manzar

  4. استفسار کا وقیع شمارہ 6-7 موصول ہوا۔ مشمولات کافی متاثر کن ہیں۔

    Yaqoob Yawar

  5. Bhai Aadil Raza Mansoori! Shukria, Risala abhi abhi mila Hai, zakhamat or mashmulat se maloom hota Hai k aapne kadi mehnat ki Hai.. Shukria or Mubarak bad…

    Abdus sami

  6. Shumara mila Sami saheb bikul durust farms rahe hain mashmulat aap ki mahnet me gawah bhi hain aur saboot bhi….Mubarak ho Adil Raza saheb

    Aslam Parvez

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