Istifsaar 5th Issue


The fifth issue of Istifsaar is available now. We thank your love and support

You all are aware that last time we have decided to not only to increase the circulation but also the number of pages and we stick to that.

As we stated last time we have started publishing the letters of appreciation and views from different parts , we have continued with that , but as you all are aware that we can’t publish all of them so we have picked up the letters randomly and no specific thought have prevailed while selection of the same.

This issue is divided into 10 sub parts including, Idariya, Yaad-e-RaftgaN, Nazr-e-saani, Ghazal ki wadi se, Afsana aur maiN ,Dohe ki duniya , Un suni NazmeN, Jahan-e-Deegar, Khidki MeiN Khawab and Istifsaar Aap ki Nazar MeiN (new addition last time.)

We have dedicated “ Yaad-e- RaftgaN” in the name of legendry poet Meera Ji , in which we have not only give space to the views of noted critics Muhammad Hassan Askari and Waris Alwi on Meera Ji and his poetics. We have also shared Meera Ji’s view on one of poem of Faiz Ahmed Faiz alongside his view on his own poems with a short selection of work .

In Nazr-e-Saani all three articles which have included, throw light on different aspects , two of them are critical analysis of two worthy piece of literature.

In Un-suni NazmeN , we have tried to include the work of noted poets but of different generations means age group.

In this issue also we have tried to present a mix n match of seniors and promising new voices. In total there are 60 entries ( including 13 letters) of 39 different poets, writers, critics from India, Pakistan, USA , Canad .

In last issue we have started presenting the translation of the first part of “RITU SANHAAR” one of the finest work of great Sanskrit poet and writer Kalidas. The translation is done by Mohammed Ahmad Sahar. In this issue we pleased to present its second part.

Alongside the translations work in Jahan-e-Deegar , we have included a detailed article on the art of Bani Thani , written by Ahmed Sohail.

We are hopeful that like previous issues, this issue will also make inroad into the literary world and will be appreciated.

We thanks and appreciate the support of all the contributors, readers and entire literary fraternity.

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