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Istifsaar 4th Issue


The fourth issue of Istifsaar is available now. We understand your wait, so many calls we received inquiring about the publication of fourth issue , even the vendors who support us to reach to those readers who purchase the magazine from different stands across nation, calls many time about the issue. It is now finally with you, delay is not because of any other reason but because that we were not happy with the printing quality of the issue come out of press and we have rejected it and ask our press to reprint the same, as we not only wants the quality of matter but also the quality of presentation as well.

You all are aware that we have increased the publication to the tune of 20% last time but again we fall short of the demand. So have not only increased the circulation but also the number of pages so that more matter can be presented. Now onward the magazine will be of 112 pages instead of 96 as in last three issues.

One more this we have added this time that we start sharing the letters which we received from all over world. Till date we have received hundreds and hundreds of letters from our readers but as you all are aware that all can’t get published so just share a tip of ice berg with you all and will continues to do so..

This issue is divided into 9 sub parts including, Idariya, Yaad-e-RaftgaN, Nazr-e-saani, Ghazal ki wadi se, Afsana aur maiN , Un suni NazmeN, Jahan-e-Deegar, Khidki MeiN Khawab and Istifsaar Aap ki Nazar MeiN (new addition this time.)

We have dedicated “ Yaad-e- RaftgaN” in the name of legendry Altaf Hussain Hali and Mullana Shilbi Nomani, along with their own writings views of Nizam Siddiqui and Syed Suleman Nadvi have also find place.

In this issue also we have tried to present a mix n match of seniors and promising new voices. In total there are 89 entries( including 13 letters) of 40 different poets, writers, critics from India, Pakistan, Austria, Switzerland England and USA.

In the current issue we are also presenting the translation of the first part of “RITU SANHAAR” one of the finest work of great Sanskrit poet and writer Kalidas. The translation is done by Mohammed Ahmad Sahar.

We are hopeful that like previous issues, this issue will also make inroad into the literary world and will be appreciated.
We thanks and appreciate the support of all the contributors, readers and entire literary fraternity

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