Istifsaar 16th & 17th Issue

16th-17th Issue of Istifsaar
So, here are we with yet another humble submission. First of all we would like to thank you all for your love, affection and support, because of which recently Delhi Public Library Board, Ministry of Culture, Government of India has conferred their prestigious award on Istifsaar. We sincerely thank the jury members as well.
“Yaad e RaftgaaN’ is dedicated to the memories of two Legendry poets Saqi Farooqui and Muhammad Alwi along with an article on Nida sb.
This issue is divided into 07 sub parts including, Idariya, Yaad-e-RaftgaN, Nazar-e-saani, Un suni NazmeN, Afsana aur maiN, Ghazal ki wadi se, and Istifsaar Aap ki Nazar MeiN.
As we always do, we have maintained the balance of all generations in this issue as well. Total 79 entries have found place in this issue pertaining to 40 different poets, writers and critics from different part of the world.
We are hopeful that like previous issues, this issue will also make inroad into the literary world and will be appreciated.
We thanks and appreciate the support of all the contributors, readers and entire literary fraternity.
Team Istifsaar..

One thought on “Istifsaar 16th & 17th Issue

  1. ا ردو ادب میں استفسار جیسے جرائد کی اہمیت مسلم ہوچکی ہے

    سدرہ سحر عمران

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