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Istifsaar 1st Issue

The first issue of Istifsaar was launched in late November 2013. As expected it attracts the serious reader of literature towards itself. We received hundreds of letters of appreciation,in which many noted names have appreciated the work, content and approach.
The entire issue was divided into 9 sub parts including, Idariya, Yaad-e-RaftgaN, Nazr-e-saani, Ghazal ki wadi se, Afsana aur main, Unsuni Nazmen, Jahan-e-Deegar, Khidki Mein Khawab and Book shelf.
In total 65 entries of 37 different poets, writers, critics from India, Pakistan, Canada, Norway,USA, UK were found place in this issue.
Along side seniors many new voices were also included in this issue so that a well balanced approach can be attained which shows that we are not only acknowledging the established names but also have an eye on promising tomorrow.`
We thanks and appreciate the support of all the readers and entire literary fraternity.