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Istifsaar 2nd Issue2

The second issue of Istifsaar was out in late April 2014. As we experienced the acute shortage of copies in the case of 1st issue , we have increased the publication by the tune of 1.5 times of the first issue but the result remains the same and again we are short of supply , still we are getting orders and request of the issue almost on daily basis. Many reviews which were published in other journals and papers also added to this demand, we thank you all for this and promise to increase the numbers in the next issue.

This issue was also divided into 8 sub parts including, Idariya, Yaad-e-Raftgan, Nazr-e-saani, Ghazal ki wadi se, Afsana aur main, Unsuni Nazmen, Jahan-e-Deegar, Khidki Mein Khawab like the first one except the 9th ( i.e. Book shelf)
In total 38 entries of 27 different poets, writers, critics from India, Pakistan, USA, Iran  were found place in this issue.

On 9th January 2014, urdu world has lost its one of the most prominent critic Dr. Waris Alwi. We sincerely thanks Jnb. Ahmed Sohail for providing the self made sketch of Waris sb. (sketch used on cover note of second issue was an own sketch made by Waris Alwi), we also thankful to Jnb. Jayant Parmar for providing the hand made sketch and along with the ghazal written in the remembrance of Jnb. Balraj Komal , one of the pioneer of urdu nazm, who also demised recently.
We thanks and appreciate the support of all the contributors ,readers and entire literary fraternity.